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LED Color: Yellow, White
Size: 188*30*15 mm
Power:3 AA battery (Not include)
Simple Installation:
With a detachable back plate featuring 3M adhesive pads, you can easily change the batteries and keep your light on the wall or shelf, stick it anywhere you want, like wall and path. (Please slip the battery cover off, and install batteries or turn on/off the light sensor switch.)

Automatic Motion Sensor - Use sensitive PIR induction technology, the LED light will activate automatically when you get into the sensoring range (within 10 feet), and will shut down 15 seconds after you move out of it. Very convenient and practical, instead of frequent switch in night.
A smart light can distinguish day from night - Light-dependent control, LED lamp automatically shut down in bright environment , and turn on when in dark environment, more energy saving and environment protection.
Household Must Night Light - For hallway, doorway, stairs, closet, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and more place. Especially perfect for chidren room. Say goodbye to grope light switch and trip over furniture or even your lovely pets in dark night.
Two brightness lamp for chose - Yellow Light is suitable for bedroom, baby room, hallway,closet etc. Dim enough to be pleasing and not blinding, gives off just the right amount of light to make your environment visible without waking up other people; White Light is more fit install at doorway, garage and other places in need of bright light in night.

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