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Battery Information:
Requires 3 X AA batteries. (Batteries are not included.)
To insert/replace batteries :
Unscrew the battery cover and insert the batteries. observing the polarity guide. Ensure battery cover is securely screwed in place before use.Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Don't trust anyone! Keep your possessions shockingly secure.
Programme the Shock Safe with your own unique 4 digit code, shut tue safe door and your possessions are secure!
Opening the safe:
By default the shock safe code is set to 0000.
Enter 0000 on the key pad
Press buttons A and B simultaneously.
If the code was entered correctly then you will hear aclick and be able to twist the safe wheel clockwise to open the door
lf the code was entered incorrectly. the metal key pad will emit an electric shock and a sharp alarm to administer the user.
Changing the safe code:
Enter the default code( 0000)and open the door
Whilst the door is open hold button A down whilst pressing in the new code followed by button B
Close the door and the new code is set

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