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Disposable gloves: no latex, use with confidence
Long service life: the material we use has great flexibility and can be used continuously for more
than 8 hours to protect your hands
Widely used: household cleaning gloves, gardening gloves, kitchen gloves, pet bathing gloves, cooking
gloves, washing gloves, working gloves, etc.
Note: For one-time use only, keep away from sunlight and store in a dry place.

Please be assured that will do its utmost to protect your hands.

We specialize in the production and design of disposable silicone gloves. In order to protect
everyone's hands, we continue to innovate and create more novel styles to meet everyone's needs.

Waterproof, oil-free and not hurt your hands, the seal is firm and not easy to break.
Comfortable, fit, flexible and easy to replace, working more efficiently.
Excellent touch, soft and flexible, comfortable to wear.
The product will be touched by the touch of the gloves. I believe your choice is correct.

100pc gloves

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