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Bike Flip Clock

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Product Parameters:
Accuray: Average monthly difference ≤90 seconds
Size: 34.5*30.5*9.5cm
Material: PVC
Movement type: Sweep Movement
Requires 2 battery (not included)

Usage Direction:
1.Battery installation Open the battery cover to insert 2xAA battery according to the positive and negative indicated direction,then close the cover.
2.Time adjustment-Set clock to the correct time by turning the time adjustor as arrow indication.

1.Do not rotate adjuster in opposite direction,otherwise it will affect clock ticking and damage the clock.
2.Please make 1 minute earlier than the exact time(for example,time now is 10:10,you should adjust time to 10:11).

1.The direction of the battery must be installed correctly.
2.Please change the batteries every 4 months,in case of damage the clock.
3.Non-professionals do not dismantle this product.Finding a professional to replace the battery;otherwise,the occurrence of any consequence to be at your own risk.
4.Children use it under adult supervision.
5.Please don't use the batteries than not in conformity with the voltage.

Bike Flip Clock

Bike Flip Clock 1

Bike Flip Clock 2

Bike Flip Clock 3

Bike Flip Clock 4

Bike Flip Clock 5

Bike Flip Clock 6

Bike Flip Clock 7

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